Lilac vinyl incl. CD

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Genre: black metal

Format: 12″ vinyl, limited

Label: Silent Watcher Records

Cat.Nr: diverse

Status: Available

Release date: 19.08.2022

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The black metal Serbs MAY RESULT are finally back! This time with a re-release, by celebrating 20 years of their secon album „TMINA“. Fully remastered by Honza Kapák and Hellsound Studio and with a restored cover by Jelena Bodrožić, Silent Watcher Records and Grom Records will gather their forces and put this masterpiece on vinyl in gatefold cover. Coming as two-color edition each limited to 100 records!!! 


Track list:

1. Oгањ / My Martyred Soul
2. Thy Last War of Times
3. Stars Hysteria
4. Nocturnal Pedigree
5. Зачаран
6. Coldwinds Dominion (Son of Stribog)
7. Јата моја црна (Мрак праскозорја)